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There is a great saying that is out there which says, “When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny. ~Author Unknown” An important statement that speaks to the purpose that lies within each one of us.

Dr. Hull carries two doctorates, both from Life Christian University out of Tampa, Florida.  The first, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude is a Doctorate of Ministry in Theology.  The second, also graduating with honors, Summa Cum Laude is a Doctor of Philosophy with a focus on marriage and family studies.

He has served as an Associate Professor with the University where he thoroughly enjoyed teaching and writing curriculum for the body.  He shares his wisdom by sparking the intellect and spiritual growth of future ministers.

Dr. Hull also serves as the Executive Director of Covenant Life International Ministries (CLIM) a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.  The primary purpose of CLIM, which has been in existence for over twenty years, is to come along the side of the church and church pastor for spiritual growth, direction and consultation.  Dr. Hull was recently quoted at one of CLIM’s Spiritual Life and Empowering Conferences as saying, “The greatest attribute to the Kingdom is the Shephard who stays faithful to the Father and allows the work of the Holy Spirit to flow through him, being steadfast with the flock and overcomes the adversity that this day can bring to the Minister by staying focused on the Kingdom and the Great Commission.” Dr. Hull believes passionately that the church is the hope for tomorrow and the Pastor, when equipped for success, has all of the tools necessary for growth, will be successful.  CLIM’s desire is to come alongside the Pastor to accomplish those tasks. Dr. Hull is responsible for speaking, consulting with churches in regards to church growth, direction and vision.  Having been a Pastor in both start-up churches as well as established churches gives him a perspective on church growth and strategy that comes from a Pastoral point of view.

He serves as a Facilitator and Trainer, for the national hospice program, Hospice Foundation of America.  Where he facilitates the teaching of “Demystifying the Funeral Experience” and “Funeral Rites and Rituals.” Through this CME available teaching, thousands are taught nation-wide receiving a deeper understanding of how to serve families during a time when a physical loss has occurred in the patients and families they serve.  One participant recently said, “I never knew of the details that take place in planning.  What I’ve taken from this seminar can benefit my families more than I ever thought possible. I’m so appreciative to have been here today.”

Having obtained his Funeral Directors License some years ago, he was awarded lifetime membership into the prestigious Academy for Funeral Service Practitioners where he was awarded the Lifetime award of Certified Funeral Service Practitioner.  This allows, when the time arrives, to be able to serve families at a distinct level of care for those who have suffered a loss in their personal lives.

Dr. Hull also serves as a Life Tribute Celebrant, where he has the privilege of helping families in the worst day of their life to design a service fitting to their legacy, desires, dreams and who they were as a person.  He recently said, “When I’m able to sit with a family to talk with them about their loved one, there is a twinkle in their eye that begins to develop.  You know when you see that there is a great opportunity to do something absolutely outstanding for that family.  It’s one of the greatest things that we can do for a family.”

The journey of service began for Dr. Hull when, at a young age of sixteen, he obtained his Eagle Scout aware through the Boy Scouts of America.  It was from there that he move forward into a life of service.  Through the service to numerous non-profit boards to his occupation of management in one of the largest corporation known in the death care industry, Dr. Hull has made a pledge to serve and honor mankind in life and in death.

Dr. Kevin B. Hull resides in Austin, Texas where is he married to his wife, Nancy.  They have five children and multiple grandchildren.  He enjoys spending time with his family, travel as well as golf and the gym.